Speaking Topics

New! The Family Bucket List: Making the Most of Those 18 Years

6,757 days. 216 months. The 18 years from birth until your child launches into the world to work or study at college can fly by. How do you make the most of those days and years? With a family bucket list! In this workshop, Lara explains how to create a family bucket list that goes beyond vacation ideas and helps parents bond with their kids and make memories that last a lifetime. Attendees come away from this workshop with the start of their own family bucket list and questions to ask their families that will help them fill out their list even further. Using Lara’s expert tips, they’ll also be on their way to bringing those goals to life.

Life Lists in the Midst of Mommying

Do you remember the dreams you had before kids? That life can seem like a distant memory already. And while being a mom might have been part of those dreams, the only dream-like quality in your days may be the blur with which they pass by. But it’s still possible to move toward life goals, even while raising kids.

In this talk, Lara encourages moms to recapture those dreams and forge a vibrant home life through the use of individual and shared “bucket lists.” She shares how creating bucket lists benefit moms, dads, kids, and entire families. This workshop includes a brainstorming session with guided prompts allowing moms to begin hashing out (and recalling) their personal life lists.

Moms will want to reclaim and embrace their dreams after this talk and workshop.

No Guilt About It:You Are the Best Mom for Your Kids

We promise ourselves we’ll be the best moms ever. We’ll breastfeed, take parenting classes, cook wholesome meals, read to our kids every day… The problem is that the list of expectations of what makes a good mom keeps expanding and expanding. We just can’t keep up. Pretty soon we’re feeling like we’ve become the mom we swore we’d never be. And the downward spiral of mommy guilt threatens to drag our whole family with it.

But God doesn’t see us this way. Nor does He expect us to live up to these exhausting standards. In this talk, Lara delves into how we can discover the few non-negotiables for us as moms, those promises we most desire to keep for our kids and ourselves. Those promises we believe most honor God and who He intended us to be. Lara demonstrate how to turn these into our personal “parenting manifesto” – a powerful way of communicating those promises to our children.

Cultivating Contentment: Learning to Love the Life You Already Have

(one to five presentations for single events, retreats and teaching series)

Do you find yourself sometimes wishing things were different – your body, your house, your life? Do you feel guilty for thinking this way? Perhaps you wonder how some people seem so happy or at least at peace with their lives. “Cultivating Contentment: Loving the Life You Already Have” tackles the areas of life that women most frequently struggle with finding contentment. In this talk Lara looks at:

  • why we struggle in these areas
  • what the Bible has to say about our struggles with dissatisfaction
  • practical ways to increase contentment
  • spiritual connections and benefits from cultivating contentment

After hearing this talk (or series) you’ll be inspired to work toward experiencing the feeling that “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”