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Do you have a list of “someday” things – a list of what you’d like to do or see, famous people you’d like to meet, roles you’d like to fill? A bucket list of goals for your lifetime?

What if you combined that “someday” list with today’s list of things “to do”? If you’re thinking it sounds too expensive or would take too much time, think again. When you allow your bucket list to converge with everyday life, you’ll find a whole host of benefits unfold in your life. And when you bring your family along… well, let’s just say your life will never be the same.

Family Bucket Lists gives families a chance to:
•    dream together of what they want to do before the children are grown.
•    set off on adventures, big and small, together and individually.
•    enliven weekends and vacations with plans that match what they want most from life.
•    discover new things about one another as each person unearths and shares their dreams and aspirations.
•    find simple ways to incorporate life goals into everyday living.
•    make the most of the years they have together.

Parents who read Family Bucket Lists will be encouraged to:
•    honor themselves and their own their life goals now, even in the midst of raising children.
•    support their children in taking appropriate risks and trying new ventures.
•    let go of the desire to steer their children’s paths and enjoy watching their children carve a path to the future.
•    Define family fun according to their crew’s unique bent.

Compiling bucket lists has given meaning and purpose to the free time my family has together. And it has allowed us to each find ways to cheer one other on in achieving goals (and understand where those desires are coming from). We’re able to break long-term, seemingly impossible ideas down into manageable short-term events – and then live them out. And when one of us gets to accomplish a big dream, we all celebrate! There’s nothing like living out our bucket lists here and now as a family.

Why not invite more adventure into your family’s life? Purchase your copy of Family Bucket Lists for immediate download, or in paperback.

What others are saying:

“If you think bucket lists are pie-in-the-sky, get ready for a crash course in bringing daydreams to life. After reading Lara Krupicka’s Family Bucket Lists, I felt inspired to bring more experiences into my family’s life and less stuff. Family Bucket Lists is a brilliant step-by-step, how-to resource for any family who wants to start integrating more adventure and fun into daily life. With a conscientious approach to marshal and break down your family’s goals, you can model to your children that their dreams matter and, with a little forethought and planning, can materialize. Lara will teach you how to notice and seize life’s opportunities, live with more intention, play together as a family and honor the dreams that you bring to fruition.

Before long, you’ll be living a richer, more fulfilling life, building memories as a family and strengthening your relationships with each other in the process.”

~Christa Melnyk Hines, author of Confidently Connected: A Mom’s Guide to a Satisfying Social Life

 “Sadly, and too often, family isn’t a priority in a world that pulls us in so many directions. Family Bucket Lists is a simple organic “tool” that parents can use to connect, reconnect and focus on family–in a FUN way! Every family member is valued and empowered by participating. Lara Krupicka asks probing questions and provides wonderful tips to get all family members onboard and involved. Dream big, dream often and begin now!”  

~ Judy M. Miller, parent educator and coach, author of What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween

“I really like the trouble shooting section. Especially that you address age…. We will definitely face some issues.
It is very helpful that you explain how to do the research, look for opportunities, and sneak things in by being prepared. It makes fulfilling the Bucket List realistic and intentional. After finishing the book, I am excited (again) to get my family started on this!”

~ Jennifer W., mom of four

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