One Way to Accomplish More in Your Life

Bucket lists are funny things. We are all proud to have one (in our heads). We love to chime at the mention of a cool exploit that we envision ourselves completing one day (and hence would include on our theoretical list). We like to tell the stories of things we have done and adventures we have taken (a long time ago). But for most of us, that’s where it ends. All talk, no action. Which is a shame.

The point being, most of us don’t believe it is actually possible to realize our life lists. <Tweet this>

Which is an even greater shame, because we receive invitations to make a life goal a reality every week. Those invitations include offers that are local and affordable. And we let them slip by.

I’m talking about email offers sent by deal-aggregators such as Groupon, LivingSocial, or Amazon Local. These companies do an amazing job pulling together cut rates for events, classes and adventures that could easily fulfill anyone’s bucket list, without breaking the bank.

In just one email today I found offers for:

  • a Brazilian cooking class
  • tickets for a Lionel Richie & CeeLo Green concert
  • a 5K Obstacle Race
  • a public speaking seminar

all of which cost under $40 apiece.

The breadth of the offers is inspiring. These companies understand how to appeal to an audience with varied interests. There is no reason you couldn’t find a deal to match something on your bucket list within a month’s time. A deal that takes place within driving distance of your home. That costs the equivalent of a night out or less.

It is possible to begin realizing your long-held aspirations right now. You just need to stop talking and start paying attention to those deals in your inbox. Take the first step to pursue that idea you’ve been considering for a while. It may be a leap into your next adventure.

I assure you that you will not regret clicking on that bucket list deal. You’ll only regret that you hadn’t done it sooner.

In the comments tell us: Have you ever bought an offer through a deal aggregator? What did it enable you to do that you may have skipped otherwise? If you haven’t found a deal before, what will you be looking for as you scan your inbox in the next month?

Photo credit: Rugged Maniac 2013 by Jason Meredith on Flickr via CC License