Krupicka Family Summer 2013 Bucket List

My kids have their own bucket lists. I keep a bucket list. And our family is compiling a shared bucket list. But although every summer my kids create lists of goals and challenges for themselves that they check off, we have never kept a separate family “summer bucket list.” Until now. After seeing other lists and how they capture the preciousness of the fleeting days of freedom, I decided I’m game. And our summer list incorporates (and hopefully facilitates) some of our long-term family bucket list.

So since it’s officially summer now, here is our 2013 Summer Bucket List:

  1. Push Grandpa in the lake (my kids do this every year. It’s a tradition. But with grandparents moving and a somewhat different schedule, we won’t be out at the lake until later than usual. I hope they still get to do this).Sonic
  2. Go to Sonic Drive-in. The nearest one is a bit of a drive. I already snuck my youngest over there for half-price shakes while her sisters were volunteering. But the gang has voted that we all go together. And get dinner.
  3. See Monsters University. In the theater, which we don’t do often. I’m lucky to catch a first-run movie once a year. My eldest would like to, just for once, see a movie on the night it opens. Actually so would I, but it’s got to be a good one. That part of movie going will have to be put on our lifelong bucket lists for now I’m afraid.
  4. Make cinnamon crescent rolls over a campfire. My middle daughter especially wants this since s’mores are verboten due to her braces.
  5. Stay in PJ’s all day. Umm… somehow we’ll have to find a day where we don’t want to go anywhere. Maybe a rainy day. Youngest voted for this one. I say if it doesn’t happen, there’s always winter break. Sorry, hon!
  6. Finish watching all of the James Bond movies. Eldest wants to do this and I’m sure her dad will join her. And since they’re together watching, the rest of us will probably join in. But I’m wondering… just how many movies are we talking about here?
  7. Visit New York City. And while we’re there: go to the Statue of Liberty and to the top of the Empire State Building. I’m thinking this trip (which we’ve already marked out on the calendar) deserves its own bucket list. I hear two of my children have gotten that list started on their own.
  8. Watch the sun set over Lake Michigan. This is another annual tradition, which happens during our yearly camping trip. We hike out to the campground’s private beach with some Twizzlers to snack on. I can’t wait for it and I absolutely don’t want to miss it.
  9. Watch Dad fly his trick kite for the first time. On the beach. In Michigan.
  10. Pick peaches at their Great-Aunt’s house. We’ll see if they’re in season when we get there.
  11. Go blueberry picking. Another Michigan tradition. We’ll make jam with some of our pickings. And the rest will go into muffins, pancakes, coffeecakes…
  12. Listen to the song Cruise by Florida Georgia Line until it drives us nuts. Eldest has declared it to be the song of Summer 2013. There ya go!
  13. Go to Krispy Kreme. It will be a little drive, but well worth it!
  14. Have a picnic out on a boat – probably at Grandma & Grandpa’s.
  15. Have a silly string fight. For real.
  16. Finish reading The Fellowship of the Ring (youngest and I) and all watch the movie together.

If you have a summer bucket list or are participating in a summer bucket list meme, feel free to share your list here or leave a link to it.