Going for Your Goals: Pick a Theme

We have a Spanish exchange student living with us for three weeks. She is so excited to be in the United States. She is eager to experience our culture, try our foods and see the sights. It’s delightful to see her reaction to the things she has most anticipated about the U.S. When we pulled up to the high school on Friday night fFWLookingUpor a home football game, the stadium was bathed in bright light, the stands filled with cheering students, and the marching band stood ready to take the field for the National Anthem.

She let out a gasp. “It’s just like on TV!”

You bet it was! Our school lived up to the TV image of the Friday night football game, including a nail-biting win by the home team. Our exchange student loved every minute of it!

After that, we couldn’t wait to introduce her to Chicago. With such a big city and so many sights to see though, it was difficult to decide what to hit and what to miss. Especially since we have a limited amount of time. Thankfully the school is taking the students on several tours. So we could rule out popular spots like the Sears Tower and the Art Institute. But we were still left with too many options.

One thing we did know is that Spaniards love American TV and movies. They watch them frequently (especially those learning English). Our student had also mentioned the first glimpse she got of our city skyline made her feel like she was inside of her favorite movie: Divergent. As luck would have it, we’d just gotten a copy of the movie from the library, so those of us who didn’t go to the football game sat down to watch it on Friday night. Which gave me some ideas as a tour guide.

We ended up taking her on a mini “Divergent Tour” that included a quick ride on the ‘L’  (minus jumping from it onto nearby buildings), followed by an afternoon walking down Navy Pier where we rode the Ferris Wheel (the one Four & Triss climbed). We could have explored more Divergent spots, but those two experiences were enough to make an interesting day.

I share this story to suggest that the same might work for you with your bucket list choices. If you have a long list of bucket list goals but aren’t sure where to start, why not try grouping them into themes? See how this changes your outlook. In my books, Family Bucket Lists and Bucket List Living For Moms, I suggest broad categories for brainstorming bucket list dreams (things to do, places to see, whimsical ideas, social/emotional goals). But categories aren’t the same as themes. A theme will more often have an emotional basis and will be unique to you.

For example, you may find that your list has a number of family heritage goals. You may hope to meet a long-lost aunt, visit the home your grandfather grew up in, and learn how to make your great-grandmother’s stuffed cabbage. Pulling them together under a theme might bring more impetus for fulfilling them. And you may find the experiences weave in and out of each other (that long-lost aunt might just be the one to teach you how to make the stuffed cabbage). Plus your theme may inspire you to broaden goals.

The next time you are stuck wondering which goal to put at the top of your list, try looking for a theme to guide you. As for me, I’m glad for the inspiration from Divergent. After a lifetime living in Chicagoland, it was the first time I had ridden either the ‘L’ or the Ferris wheel. Check those off my bucket list!


And the Winner of the Kindle Giveaway is…

We HaveaWinner!(1)Thank you all for helping me celebrate my new book, Bucket List Living For Moms. I have enjoyed having you all stop by and share about your bucket list dreams and the challenges you face as a mom who desires live a full and fulfilling life.

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Anticipation: What’s Next for Moms Who Want to Live the Bucket List Life?

Two hundred fifty-two days until the end of school (give or take). Ninety-four days until Christmas. Ten days until I leave for a scrapbooking weekend. Five days until the weekend. Seven hours until we have an exciting arrival to our household.

AnticipationI admit it – I love counting down to special events. The buildup of anticipation makes me giddy and energized. I remember as a kid looping one anticipation onto another. When one holiday ended, I began looking forward to the next one. When we returned home from one trip, I started thinking of the next.

And while as an adult I’ve come to appreciate the importance of being present to what’s happening now, I still believe in the value of having an occasion coming up to look forward to. Living the bucket list life has given me so many more opportunities for that.

In fact, today’s arrival is the culmination of a goal that my husband and I considered years ago, but never actually added to our bucket list. When we bought our home the summer before our now fifth-grader was born, we made sure it had extra space for overnight guests. We wanted a spot for out-of-town visitors and missionaries on furlough to come to, which has happened. But in the intervening years we also tossed around the idea of having a foreign exchange student stay with us. Except that our children have been so cautious and such homebodies, that we never expected them to have a desire to study abroad. We abandoned the goal of hosting an exchange student. In doing so, we missed out on years of anticipation.

Because today our first exchange student arrives from Santiago de Compastela, Spain. She’ll live with us for three weeks. And in return, our eldest will stay in her home for two weeks in the spring. In the time since the original idea rolled around in our minds, our children have grown more adventurous. They’ve learned to enjoy exploration. They’ve seen the excitement of branching beyond the familiar. And as a result, all three of our daughters have been counting down the days to our exchange student’s arrival since our high schooler signed up in August.

It has been a fun time of waiting and preparing. We’ve done some scrambling this past weekend to get our home ready. And I’ll spend another hour or two today at my sewing machine putting the finishing touches on the room our guest will stay in. And then this evening we’ll have the joy of welcoming a young Spaniard to our home.

I also hope you’ve been enjoying the Bucket List Living For Moms book launch celebration and the build-up to the Kindle giveaway drawing that will be announced tomorrow. After the conversations we’ve had here about motherhood, identity, risk-taking and community, you might be wondering, ‘what’s next?’ I hope you’ll read the book. I hope you’ll join our community. You have next month’s Adventures in Bucket List Living newsletter to look forward to. And of course, I’ll still be here each week offering tips, inspiration and insight on living the bucket list life as a busy mom. Beyond that it’s up to you.

Make your bucket list. Set a goal for the first thing from it that you’ll work toward. Then enjoy the anticipation of reaching that goal.

In the comments below, share with us one thing you’re already looking forward to. Are you counting down the days? What else can you do to build excitement leading up to it?

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Make a Wish: Setting One-Year Bucket List Intentions

Today is my birthday. As I do every year, I woke up this morning grateful to have reached another year. Especially since the odds had been against me for making it beyond the first few days of my life. I also woke up excited at the prospect of all I still hope to do in my lifetime.

It got me thinking about the tradition of making a wish when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake (which I plan to do later, thanks to my thirteen-year-old daughter who offered to bake my cake). I’ve always floundered in that moment, trying to come up with a good wish worth making. I’m pretty sure most of them never came true.

So I was thinking this year I would do something different. Instead of making a “wish,” I am going to make an intention about one of my bucket list goals. Something along the lines of “I hope this is the year I get to…” Just to give you an idea of what I might hope for, here are ten items currently on my bucket list (and no, this is not my whole list):

  1. travel around Tuscany
  2. take a cream pie in the face – just not shaving cream
  3. go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire
  4. study costume design (but not necessarily at a college)
  5. open a creativity studio for crafts, sewing, photography and writing
  6. take a class in digital photography
  7. hang out with Bob Goff
  8. volunteer as a turn-of-the-century costumed interpreter at a living history museum
  9. be invited to lead a workshop at a conference
  10. go on a cruise

 What do you think of my idea of swapping a bucket list hope for a birthday wish? Share in the comments one bucket list goal you might “wish” to happen in the coming year on your next birthday. (And enter to win the Kindle prize package.)

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Together: How to Make Your Life List Happen

TogetherThey say it takes a village to raise a child. Yet reality is that life as a mom can be lonely. We often spend our days with just little people, or when they head off to school, by ourselves. More than any other season of my life, I found that parenting has required me to be active in seeking out the company of others. Especially as I tackled my life goals, I needed others and if I’m honest, help.

Writing has been a lifelong dream for me. Like since I was eight years old. So every day that I sit down at my desk to compose a blog post, draft an article, or edit a manuscript, I’m living the dream! Thankfully along the way I have had people who cheer me on, push me when I flag, and comfort me when I fail.

My parents have been a big support. Especially my dad, who every week offers tips from his life experiences, regularly gives me strong & accurate critiques of my articles, and acts as one of my biggest fans. I can’t say enough about how lucky I am to have that kind of relationship with him, especially when it comes to my life goal of being a writing professional.

I am surrounded by amazing writers who know better than anyone what this life is like. Jan, Sharla & Suzanne help me every month to polish my pieces to publishing perfection. I’m not as afraid to risk hitting the “send” button on a submission after they’ve read it. And I learn so much from reading what they write. I also get to interact with top-notch writers as a member of the Redbud Writer’s Guild. The sisterhood there is so rich and multifaceted – it’s like a sorority of writers.

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of the writing profession and being a parenting journalist, I’ve been fortunate to have connected with an online dream team comprised some of the best parenting writers out there. That alone is a dream come true that I would never have anticipated. And those connections have given me solace and solutions on multiple occasions.

I wouldn’t be the writing mom I am without the prodding, coaching, and vision of my writing coach, Christina Katz. She sets the bar high every time and then empowers me to reach it. Every mom should have a coach like her to help them hit their bucket list goals.

I also wouldn’t be the wife, mother, and stronger person I am without the mentoring of Kathy Loewen. Remember the identity crisis that I referred to? She was there to help me draw the line in the sand and then step over it to be more of myself (and then some).

And then there’s my family. My three daughters are so great at making sure I get a turn at living out my bucket list. They cheer for me. They encourage me. They motivate me. My husband, my best friend, supports my goals – no matter how crazy. He pushes me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. And I always know he has my back, should I fail.

You see that? One bucket list goal, plus a lot of people equals living the bucket list life. Every day. [This post could also be considered the acknowledgement page that I failed to include in Bucket List Living For Moms. Um, yeah.]

My challenge to you: who do you have in your life to support you in your goals? Who do you know that shares your bigger dreams whom you can learn with and work together toward them? Some of those people will already be in your life (like family). Others, you will need to hunt down if you want to make things happen (like a life coach or a club membership). It will make a difference (in fact, research shows that checking in with a friend about a goal increases your chances of achieving it). If you don’t know where to start, I moderate the Family Bucket Lists Moms & Dads FaceBook group, and I’d love to invite you to join us there.

In the comments, share your own bucket list success story. Or lay out what support you intend to seek out to help you check something off your bucket list. [Remember, the Kindle giveaway continues through next Monday.]

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Moms: Do You Dare? (Plus a Kindle Giveaway)

Motherhood is a risk-averse calling. As nurturers of our children, we want to see them stay safe. We want to keep ourselves safe and well for our children’s sake. We’d prefer to cocoon our family in a protective bubble.

Risk FactoryExcept that bubbles don’t allow for much fun. And safety isn’t conducive to personal growth – for our children or us.

Which means we need to learn to live counter to our instincts. As moms, we’ve got to challenge ourselves to be daring.

Writing down your hopes and dreams is a daring move. It’s risky because we open ourselves – our deepest, truest selves – to scrutiny and criticism. When we declare what we want to accomplish in life, whether it’s a difference we want to make in the world through work at a non-profit, or a difference we want to see in ourselves through new experiences, we risk failure. And that makes us vulnerable.

But guess what? That’s the perfect place to begin living the bucket list life. As researcher Brene Brown says in her book, Daring Greatly, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.

It’s daring to create a bucket list that is deep and meaningful. But it’s also powerful.

If you’re daring enough create your bucket list in earnest & not just off the top of your head , then you will have equipped yourself with the motivation you’ll need to take the next risk: living it out. Because going after your long-held (and just discovered) dreams will require that you sacrifice time, money, security. It will require doing something outside of the everyday. You’ll have to break the bubble and maybe leave your children behind for a few hours or days. You may even feel compelled to do something that seemingly risks your physical safety.

The result? As the subtitle of my book suggests, you will: Become a More Adventurous Parent. It can make all the difference in the world to who you are and how your family relates. It’s a bold move. Do you dare to take it?

Share in the comments the most recent daring action you took. Or tell us about a risk you think you’re ready to take. [And don't forget to enter the Kindle Giveaway.]

Photo credit: Risk Factory by Stuart Caie on Flickr via CC License

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What do you want do? The Importance of Knowing Yourself

Do you remember the vultures in Disney’s 1967 Jungle Book movie? The Beatles look-alike, sound-alike characters? I often think of their patter, “What we gonna do?” “I dunno. What you wanna do?,” when I think of the indecisiveness that can creep into motherhood.

If your answer to the question: “what do you want to do?” sounds frequently like those vultures, it might be a clue that you’ve grown out of touch with yourself.

I wrote Bucket List Living For Moms out of a desire to help other moms reconnect with themselves as individuals and enjoy the thrill that comes from fulfilling our dreams while raising children. I wrote it because I had been down that path myself of losing touch and having to find a way back.

I’ll never forget the day when one of my children was quizzing me about my “favorites.” You know: favorite color, favorite music, favorite food and so on. As preschoolers, they loved to talk about favorites. But in this instance I found myself stammering, wracking my brain for answers. I got as far as my favorite color (blue) before I stumbled.

How could I not know what I liked? What had happened to me?

That day was a wake up call for me. It made me aware that always yielding to others’ desires was taking a toll. And the truth was, my actions weren’t one hundred percent altruistic. Out of laziness or fear of making a “wrong” choice, I too often left decisions up to my husband or been swayed by my children’s whining, instead of deciding what I would want. It had caused me to miss out on opportunities (like the Chris Isaak concert we bypassed because no one realized how much I loved his music). I was hurting myself by not paying attention to my own tastes. And that had to change.

Of course it took a few years and a bit more of an identity crisis before I began in earnest the task of making it a priority to know myself and honor my preferences and dreams. But once I did, that’s when the adventure began!

And you know what? Doing so was good for my family too. They didn’t have to guess as much about whether I would enjoy something or not. I could see that they genuinely appreciated seeing me happy.

I want that for more moms (without so much of the identity crisis, hopefully). It’s amazing to see how just thinking through a few questions about past hopes and future goals can bring us back to a surer sense of self. And it’s thrilling to see how that plays out in creating a more vibrant family life.

Here’s an exercise to help you reacquaint yourself with who you are: if you’re on Pinterest, create a board for your favorite color and then collect pins displaying it in all its brilliance (you can see mine here). You could also gather pins that reflect your clothing, culinary or home decorating tastes.

So tell me, can you name your favorites? And do those around you know them? Share in the comments one “favorite” that you’re known for and one that maybe you need to communicate more clearly.

[Don't forget. The Kindle giveaway is still going on. You can enter every day by leaving a comment & tweeting this post.]

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An Excerpt From Bucket List Living For Moms (& Your Chance to Win a Kindle)

I am a Mom

You can download this poster & print it for your wall. Look under the “Free” tab at the top of this page.

One of my favorite things to do is bring encouragement to people – especially moms. And we moms need encouragement, don’t we? Because at times motherhood can seem like a fiercely competitive arena. We all want others (our kids) to think of us as great parents, but the bar just seems to be set higher and higher.

The solution? To stop measuring ourselves against the ridiculous and start being the best version of ourselves that we can. Thankfully, I’ve found that it’s lot of fun being an individual and it translates into being a better mom too. It just requires being a student of yourself and taking time regularly to engage in what you love most. This is the theme of my new book. And it’s why I’m so excited to debut it this week. I hope that you’ll find it an encouragement to you.

Read on for a sample of what you’ll find in Bucket List Living For Moms (then chime in to answer the question at the end in the comments below – and if you haven’t yet, enter to win a Kindle):

Become a More Adventurous Parent

Bucket list living as a mom is a great experience. The world that shrunk to the four walls of your home will expand once again as you reach out toward your goals. Your relationship with your kids will take on new dimensions with you being the one to explore and grow on occasion. And the perspective you have gained through parenting will enrich and inform your adventures in unique ways to make them more powerful for you, your family, and those whose paths you cross along the way.

You will be surprised at how many opportunities exist today for you to go after your life dreams. Our culture offers us so much more access to people and resources, particularly via the Internet, that allow us to move forward without even leaving home. This is great news for us moms, who often have to filter time for ourselves and our interests into the minutes available in our busy family lives. And you’ll find this paradox at work: often the more you invest in yourself, the more personal resources (time, finances, energy) become available to you for investing further.

You need to live your bucket list dreams and be true to all of who you are. Your kids need you to be a mom who knows where she is headed and delights to have them along for the journey. The world needs you to pursue what you’ve been made to do. Anything less short-changes us all.

So get ready for the adventure of living out your dreams. As I say in the Bucket List Life Manifesto: “plan to amaze yourself.”

Tell us what adventure would look like to you. What is one new thing you would like to risk trying in the next year?

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Kindle Giveaway & the new Bucket List Living For Moms book

It’s here! I’m so proud to introduce you to my newest book on living the bucket list life, Bucket List Living For Moms: Become a More Adventurous Parent.

  • It’s a guidebook with dozens of questions to help you formulate a meaningful list of what you want to experience and accomplish in your lifetime.
  • It’s an instruction manual for assembling that list into the most inspiring, motivating form for you (digital or physical).
  • It’s a resource for overcoming the challenges of busy family life to reach the goals that matter most to you in ways that increase your bonds with your kids.
  • And it’s a quick read that will get you on the road to living the bucket list life right now, without delay.

Every day this week I hope you’ll stop back by to learn more and chime in on the discussions. I’ll be sharing book excerpts, bucket list creation prompts, the background behind my motivation for writing this book, and asking for your bucket list success stories.

And of course, a great celebration includes gifts (and prizes). My gift to you just for stopping by is a free downloadable poster. I’m also thrilled to be giving away a Kindle prize pack that includes:

To be entered to win simply use the Rafflecopter below to sign up to receive my monthly “Adventures in Bucket List Living” newsletter of tips & inspiration for living the bucket list life as moms and families. Leave a comment, follow me on Twitter, or share about this celebration on Twitter or Pinterest to gain additional entries.

Thanks for joining the celebration!

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It’s a Celebration!

What: Launch of the new book, Bucket List Living For Moms

When: Monday, September 15 – 22

Where: Right here

Who: You!

Motherhood is an intensive role. It shapes us. It defines us. It demands our best – and then some. And unfortunately, if we let it, it can leave us hollowed out as individuals. We forget who we were and barely know who we are besides “mom.”

If that describes where you’re at, then you’ll want to join me here on Monday, September 15th (and all through the week) for the launch of my newest book, Bucket List Living For Moms: Become A More Adventurous Parent.  You’ll have an opportunity to sign up for my monthly newsletter of bucket list living tips & inspiration to be entered in a giveaway. One lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive:

Plus everyone who stops by can download the new free printable inspirational poster for moms. Come back on Monday for the celebration. And invite your friends!